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Whats New at the Australian Haflinger Horse Breeders Association



Countdown to the World Haflinger Show! To be held 2-6 June 2010 at Fohlenhof Ebbs, Austria.


Enjoy Anton Aus Tirol



Isn't the song about a Haflinger talking of himself perhaps???



Enjoy also the horseman's dictionary for English-German-French horse terms that are not found in a regular dictionary of any size...but always in our links page.

Ben Rosetta who is to drive in the world show asks the verbal aid to halt in German, my friend from Berlin advises the aid sounds like a noise a cat makes...think Meoow!





Royal Easter Show report, another biography, more bad jokes, photos galore, virtual show results finale and much much more. Same password as last time - let me know if a reminder is necessary.

Secured Copy of Apr2009PrintVersion.pdf






Welcome to New Members        

Seven New Members were accepted at the latest committee meeting                                           



Coming July 2010 by post or download


Stallion Appraisals                     

New optional inspections being developed for the consideration of colts as potential breeding stock.



Sydney Royal Easter Show Results


Haflinger horses were exhibited early on the morning of Tuesday 21st April at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2009. The 8:15am commencement had many of us running for our seats. Unlike previous years, the area available to work for the horses was generous, and although thoroughly damp, the going appeared good - aside from those employing heels!


Haflinger Stallion or Colt any age, was between Aqua and Winterstolz. Both stallion and colt were impeccably behaved. Young Winterstolz at two and a half years was an absolute credit to his breed, upbringing and handling, having grown into a tall yet elegant horse with absolutely no problem in the intense Royal Show environment. Aqua was the winner on the day and went through to challenge the winning mare for Best Haflinger Exhibit and the Luis Hupfau Annual trophy.


In the second class, for Haflinger Mare or Filly any age three competitors were present. Steiner, owned by Sue Jones competed against Oorinda, led by Louise Venticinque and Lady, led by Courtney. The judge, Pam Dalrymple, placed Steiner first, followed by Oorinda and Lady. Oorinda classified to a high standard as a three year old in 2008. Lady, not yet three years of age has much growing to do but demonstrated her adaptability and temperament amongst the busiest showring in Australia.


Bianca Sault with Steiner Winning Haflinger Mare/Filly Class 2009

With AHHBA Vice President Heather Payne and Judge Pam Dalrymple


A short break followed in the stewarding of the Best Haflinger Exhibit award. The award for this class is the Luis Hupfau Consul General Perpetual Trophy donated by the late Luis Hupfau, founder of Bunderra Stud. Once more, the ten year old stallion, Arkley Aqua, won the award. Aqua has won this award many times and there is no doubt Julian enjoys seeing his lovely stallion working in this prestigious enviroment as much as in the dressage arena.


Brittany Hoey on Arkley Aqua



I am sure it gave as much pleasure for us all to see Brittany Hoey on Aqua, Hannah-Rose Shilcock on Araluen and Courtney on Lady competing in the Ridden Haflinger class. Aqua at one point demonstrated his power and suppleness by sneaking into a passage out on the ring, while Hannah-Rose and Courtney maintained a tidy workout on young horses to receive first, second and third respectively. The class just screamed with potential between the horses and their young riders. It is certainly a good sign for the future although entries were down on previous years.


Courtney on Lady and Hannah-Rose on Araluen

Youth of Tocal College, Riding Young Horses At the Sydney Royal Easter Show


With another show year over, I urge competitors to get out there and show their Haflingers, just for the fun of it. It is not everything to have the whitest mane, nor the most flawless workout. How could that be you say? Todd sent me a little note about a RAS experience that says it all,


''Late in the afternoon Louie was getting a bit tetchy in his stall so I took him for a walk. As I went past the main arena he was mobbed by some kids and next thing I knew there was a crowd of people around him. I noticed a craggy hand reaching between two kids and when I moved the wall of kids aside I saw the hand belonged to a middle aged woman in a wheel chair who was suffering from cerebral palsy. She was trying to reach Louie for a pat. It was almost as if Louie knew what he had to do and he reached over and offered his muzzle to the woman for a pat. It was a real “awww” moment for the crowd but it was shattered by a woman gasping a childs name. I looked toward Louies rump in the direction of the sound and saw a little girl with two blonde pig tails standing right behind Louie calmly plaiting his tail.''


Summary of Results:


  Led Haflinger Stallion/Colt


1st     Arkley Aqua exhibited for Arkley Haflinger Stud by B. Hoey

2nd      Winterstolz exhibited for SETCO Show Team by J. Venticinque


Led Haflinger Mare/Filly

1st     Steiner exhibited for S. Jones by B. Sault

2nd     Oorinda Exhibited for SETCO Show Team by L. Venticinque

3rd      Lady Exhibited for SETCO Show Team by Courtney of Tocal College


Best Haflinger Exhibit: Arkley Aqua


Ridden Haflinger

1st     Arkley Aqua exhibited for Arkley Haflinger Stud by B. Hoey

2nd     Araluen Exhibited by H-R.Shilcock

3rd      Lady Exhibited for SETCO Show Team by Courtney of Tocal College



Congratulations also to Greg and Cathy Venticinque whose Galloway Bull Minto Lancelot won Senior Champion on the Cattle Lawn. See www.gallowaymeat.com.au to order some fabulous meat online, and the next newsletter to hear how Greg and his family became Haflinger owners and exhibitors.



Do You Have Haflinger Dreams?



What if you would like to own a Haflinger, and perhaps go to the Royal in 2010, and dont know where to start?


I suggest browsing the AHHBA website, looking at Horse Deals and do contact the breed association.

The AHHBA is a source of information that may assist your identification of which horse may suit depending on your time, resources, criteria and abilities. Importantly, the AHHBA can confirm whether the potential horse is a purebred, eligible for breeding and showing. Part bred and unregistered horses, and unclassified horses, are not recognised as breeding or as exhibition stock by the AHHBA, which may lead to disappointment at a later date if purchased. Until you find the horse of your dreams you may be an associate member, as I was, for a number of years before finding my beloved Aspen.


If you would like a horse of a particular description, I am also willing to run wanted classifieds advertisements - let me know.




Abendsturm has arrived in Australia and is available for service, natural and chilled semen available.

At  the Haflinger World Show 2005 he won a prize and the IA-best ranking of any undrawn Tyrol Stallions. He is a large framed, highly modern, athletic, very correct stallion with excellent gaits and balanced character. He has inherited and an outstanding canter and is the winner of the stallion performance test in Moritzburg 2002. This stallion is imported from Germany by the Kemp family. Phone Chrissy on 0427562400


                                                         Lyric driven by Ben Rosetta  




Annual Memberships are due July 1st 2009


List of fees

Breeder Member $50.00

Ordinary Member $35.00

Associate Member $20.00


Horse registration $5.00 per horse owned.



Are you wondering which category you and your haflinger fit into?


A breeder member is a person who owns two pure bred mares or one purebred mare and one registered, classified pure bred stallion, and is a breeder who is admitted to membership of the Association.


An Ordinary member is a person who owns or leases at least one registered haflinger purebred (mare or gelding) or haflo-arab mare and who has been invited to become a member by two breeder members.


An Associate member is a person wishing to participate in the betterment of the haflinger breed who is admitted to associate membership of the Association.

All haflinger owners are reminded that you must be a financial member to register foals and attend Agricultural and Royal shows.


Payment of fees should be directed to The Treasurer

Paul Groves

PO Box 218

Wahroonga NSW 2076






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