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Archive of Old Stories



AHHBA Classification Day 2008



The AHHBA Classification held at Arkley Haflinger Stud on Saturday 13th September 2008 was a success. A record thirty five members and family attended, and the respective hospitality provided by Julian and Anni Hele was most appreciated. The day ran like clockwork with inspection of eight horses, and evalution of five horses by video by classifiers.



About the classification day event...


Classification day is an annual event, where Australian horses over the age of three (3) years as from 1st August, are scored and graded by the Association’s Approved Classifiers in accordance with the form marked Appendix I, Classification Inspection Report, as set out in the Regulations of the Association.

Classifiers check for any undesirable faults and record information such as height, circumference of cannon bone and girth.  The horse is divided into 10 sections and each section is marked out of 10 points, making 100 possible points,  which then gives the classification score or grade.

Horses must be micro chipped and if a pass is obtained, may be branded with the “Edelweiss” brand on the near side flank.

Stallions and mares must be classified for breeding purposes.   Stallions, mares and geldings over the age of 4 must be classified to attend haflinger classes at agricultural and royal shows. 

Video or DVD classification is available to mare owners from out of state as well as those in out lying areas of NSW. Details on how to present your horse at classification  and how to correctly present a horse by video or DVD are available by going to the AHHBA web page www.haflinger.org.au  click on “download forms” then click on “Regulations of the Association” .  Horses must be micro chipped (AHHBA can supply chips and paperwork for the Australian Animal Registry) and the Appendix 2 form must be completed and attached.

Photo classification is available to members with a gelding from the age of 3yo. The horse should be well presented when photographed from front, rear, the near and off side. The horse must be micro chipped and a completed Appendix 2 form attached


Classification Fees for Members Horses (2008)

Stallion $100.00

Mares  $70.00

Gelding (presented) $30.00

Gelding (photo) $10.00

Micro chip +AAR registration $20.00

Non-members may also apply.



What is the Australian Haflinger Horse Breeders Association 


 Promotions Sub Committee?


The AHHBA has a dual purpose of promoting and breeding of Haflinger horses in Australia. By signficant investment by breeder members, great progress has been achieved in the broadening of bloodlines in Australia in the past twelve months. This investment will be reflected in years to come with the greater diversity of type now achievable.


There is no doubt that more Haflingers are being recognised out and about in all states of Australia with horses being spread increasingly across the nation (and across the ditch). Some features of the breed considered unique is their appearance, easy going nature and their adaptability to different situations. They are considered reliable mounts that are easy to teach, with good constitutions, are surefooted and are suited to a variety of equestrian pursuits. Many new and younger members are keen to enjoy their horses in a variety of club and competition settings and are doing so with success.  The AHHBA is now in a position to better serve non breeder members by facilititing group activities that have not been realised before. Formation of the promotions sub committee was proposed Kim Staples at the committee meeting of April 2008 and was warmly received with these facts established.

The purpose of the sub committee is the promotion of Haflinger horses in Australia by facilitating activities, and information for members and enthusiasts. In addition to the three newsletters per year currently produced, the subcomittee presently consisting of Kim Staples, Carla Cady, and Kerrie Rosetta will also produce three updates to communicate dates and details of upcoming events. All submissions kindly welcomed, including details of event programs, points of interest or story requests.


While this promotions subcommittee aims to improve the communication between members and organise more activities, it does not seek to replace the admirable work done my members throughout the year. Our most important meetings and gatherings are hosted by members on their own properties which is thoroughly appreciated. Much time and effort is invested in making these functions as successful and productive as possible.


Most of our members are involved in promotion in one way or another. Every time your horse leaves the paddock, or when a photo is pulled out of an album to show friends, each one of us shares the enrichment with which our horses brings to our own lives. In March a breed display including stand and demonstration was made for three consecutive days at the Royal Easter Show. This was a huge success with some of our youngest horses and riders making a mark on the history of this prestigious event. Every single one of us would have loved to have been there. At Equitana this year, for the very first time, a Haflinger stand will be included. Arrangement of this, donations made and travel pledged is testament to the dedication of each participant and the spirit amongst our members.


This is just the start of what has going on in our association. While many of our breeder members and indeed non breeder members are located in coastal NSW within an area of a few hundred kilometres, initiatives to bring members together have been unifying to some degree. In 2007 a ''whats new'' website was developed in addition to the static website. This did not exhaust members demand for information although I remained the sole editor.


Further initiatives were investigated to motivate members to promote the breed. The first initiative was the Wintersun Performance Award, which was thwarted this last year due to equine influenza. The Wintersun Performance Award will run again starting in September, recognising Haflingers in associations, performance and promotion. Instead, a virtual or photo based competition was promoted, which is currently being judged with horses from NSW, Victoria and Queensland.


On the immediate horizon is a stud tour on the same weekend as classification day, enabling new members in particular to become acquainted with the stallions and youngstock currently being produced in the locality. An itinerary is attached.


Activities being planned for the future include a training day with Rob Horne at Maraylya. Rob Horne is acquainted with Haflingers, having worked with Adonis, Marmaduke and Aspen. I am sure there are more dedicated Haflinger owners out there that are fans, as he certainly knows their buttons! I can assure all Haflinger owners Rob is fabulous value as an instructor and clinician, solving problems or just getting to the next level with your horse in a confident and relaxed manner.


A trail ride or weekend away is certainly on the cards, as well as a gymkhana program. We are currently evaluating possible grounds in which this may be held.


The AHHBA is an association filled with enthusiastic members of all ages, interests and abilities. There is no doubt that in the next few years the popularity of the breed will continue to grow. To maintain this interest for non breeders and breeders alike, opportunities to enjoy our horses as a collective is bound to be a source of enjoyment for all. We look forward to your company and endorsement as the AHHBA aspires to exactly what you desire as a breed association. We rely on your input and contributions to meet this challenge. KS



Changes to this Page



An AHHBA Haflinger album in the side bar now features Aspen, Wilbur and Luisa, Marsanne, Anzac, Mona Lisa and Mira.


Information on fully registered AHHBA breeding stallions from the 2005 studbook has also been compiled. Links showing 5 generations of breeding has been included. Feedback would be appreciated.


Future additions include opportunities for members to advertise horses or goods, and further information from the AHHBA studbook including an online studbook project.




Contact the Australian Horse Industry Council for Updates on Equine Influenza Outbreak


Several good links exist from the horse council website to inform owners on EI. In addition, the Australian Horse Industry Council operate a contact database to alert horse owners during emergencies, i.e. disease outbreaks, flood and fire. Alerts are free, and communicated by mobile text or email. Information is held on a confidential basis and is only utilised in emergency. www.horsecouncil.org.au




Membership Fees


Membership is due at the beginning of each financial year. Fee notices have been distributed with the most recent newsletter. See association information for more details, or if you wish to join for the first time, apply here. Renew now and enter the Wintersun Memorial Performance Award.



Classification Day


Classification day for 2007 has been cancelled due to restrictions on horse transport, subsequent to outbreaks of equine influenza in New South Wales and Queensland. Consequently, mare and gelding classifications will be available for this time only, regardless of location, by video. The date of assessment is to be arranged although it is hoped this will go ahead some time this year.


It is necessary for all breeding stock and show horses over the age of 4yo to be classified. Classification is an important tool that is utilised to improve the quality of breeding stock in Australia. More information about classification can be found on the main website of AHHBA.







Our September newsletter has been distributed along with annual fee notices. The newsletter contains a special tribute to the memory of the late Father of the Modern Haflinger, Otto Schweisgut, and features a range of stories and pictures from both Austria and Australia. Stories are presently being gathered for the next edition, please send them in.




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